Sunday, January 17, 2010

Are you dating someone?

This is what my husband asked me. Conversationally. Not as an accusation. And trust me, this is not some latent jealousy thing. He "heard" from his friend on Facebook that a friend of mine made a comment and one of his friends "warned" him that it sounded odd. And he actually sounded hopeful that I might be seeing someone. Yeah. You know, in all of my free time from raising two children while you are rarely home. Because so many quality people (myself included) are interested in "dating" someone already married. Okey doke...
#1) Dumb asses. Am I really so interesting that you read my comments and give them a second thought? Pay attention to your OWN life and get a more interesting one while you are at it.
#2) Nice job misinterpreting something so harmless. Obviously this person is getting laid less than I am (trust me, not possible) if they are dwelling on what they perceive to be MY sex life.
#3) Yes, I am smart enough to have deleted this person from my "friend" list
#4) No, I was not smart enough to not have my husbands friends as mine on Facebook
#5) And really, just because you are a Viagra swilling cheating ass does not mean that I am. And at least I have the courage and initiative to admit my wrongdoings and work towards correcting them. With any luck, this will bode well for me in the future. You, on the the other hand will still be the cowardly fuck who cheated on the wife who would have gladly given you the out had you just had the balls to ask for it.

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