Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve and no sex

For me at least. My husband is having sex, I'm just not sure who he is having it with.

What led me to this point?

The title of this blog?

Sex. Shopping. And Greed.

Lots of all three.

Like the chicken and the egg I'm not sure which came first, but they all three came in heavy doses and led me to make stupid and bad choices.

I had sex, which led to marriage. Trust me, I know sex does not always lead to marriage. I had my share of sex with people I did not marry.

I love to shop, and I got greedy about it.

My marriage imploded largely in part to it.

Other things contributed to the end of my marriage, but my shopping, debt and deceitful ways to get what I want were not helpful.

That is for sure.

So here it is, New Years Eve and my hoping-for-an-easy-divorce husband has taken a Viagra and left for the night. He will be home tomorrow.

Yep, I counted the remaining Viagra. Trust me, we don't have sex but I know where he keeps the Viagra hidden.

Happy New Years, honey.